Shirley's Portfolio
Project Management | Digital Design
Comes from a creative background and expertise in creating and developing concepts, designs, and artwork in all media channels and digital products and following the cycle from ideation to post-launch. My experience with technology, specifically in the Advertising and Digital Design space in the agency world, deliver results above the ask from my clients where I have been a key stakeholder for over 10 years in the agency.
Agile and Waterfall project management. Supporting various teams across the company to deliver valuable projects on time and within scope and budget. Keeping multiple, diverse projects in flight simultaneously including defining requirements and deadlines, developing and executing detailed project plans, tracking and ensuring the completion of work tickets and epics. Leading the way in clarity of work ticket (briefs).  Motivate the team to make projects a reality. Working closely with stakeholders and leads to ensure tackle the highest priority projects and deliver the greatest value to the business, stakeholders in any area of the business with a wide range of motivations and needs.